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NGBR is a youth-based bull riding event that was designed and built by a group of kids with a passion for youth bull riding and supervised by a team of professionals from around the country. Our goal is to be the first youth-run and non-membership-funded youth bull riding event ever. It is the kid's dream that, NGBR Events, promotes and teaches all aspects of our sport, including sportsmanship, networking, marketing, and the foundation to compete in the sport. We strive to give the very first-time beginner an entry into the sport, as well as provide advanced athletes quality opportunities to compete and progress into their careers.


Our network of professional mentors opens doors to skills in rodeo and beyond, and our world class Jr Stock Contractor division is introducing youth to responsibilities of all things involved in everyday ranch and business life. From Animal welfare, feeding and breeding programs, that plays a vital roll in our sport to provide quality rodeo stock for The "Next Generation." Mentor-based and deeply relational, our youth Bull Riding events participation divisions include:

  • Youth Bull Riding

    • We firmly believe that there is just plain old appropriate stock, so we don't just use mini bulls, calves, or steers. Through our network of contractors we have aligned ourselves with, we are proud to be involved in a like minded network of top notch stock contractors that will make your youth bull riding career enjoyable and take the necessary steps to make it as safe as possible. Our Events offer 4 age groups to keep the playing field as even as possible. When you enter an NGBR event you can Meet our stock here!

  • Jr. Freestyle Bullfighting

    • Bullfighters are the lifeblood of the arena. NGBR is passionate about inspiring and training the next generation of the sport. We use freestyle to teach and mentor the kids on how to properly work a bull and stay in control of the animal. Any sanctioned NGBR bull riding will offer Jr Freestyle Bullfighting giving youth an opportunity to compete and work towards a year end finals for cash and prizes. Must be 10 years or older to participate.​

  • Jr. Cowboy Protection

    • Our protection program provides youth with the opportunity to have the backs of contracted pro bullfighters. Participants will be given a set number of bulls that you will be able to fight based on entries of the bullfighters to bull riders entries. (i.e. there are 10 bullfighters entered to compete and there are 50 bull riders in the 4 main age groups. Each bullfighter will get 5 bulls to prove to the judges why you should be the winner.) Separate judges will be used for this part of the event. Must be 14 or older to participate.​

  • Jr. Stock Contracting

    • Junior stock contractors help run NGBR events. You will learn all the ins and out of running an event from the planning stages to closing night. You will arrive early to help set up, keep the show running smoothly, and play a pivotal role in ensuring the team wraps up quickly and safely.​

  • Jr. Judging

    • This program gives youth the training and practical experience they'll need to get carded as a professional. As a junior judge in NGBR you will be required to know the rule book inside and out. You will be required to judge a rodeo, but only the officially contracted judges sheets will determine the winner of the bull riding. You will be a part of the competition and will be judged by the judges to see where your sheets compare. The junior judge closest to official judges will be rewarded.​

  • Jr. Announcer

    • Are you that contestant that likes to talk? Do you have the gift to gab? well we have a division for you. We give the youth a chance to get with our professionally hired Announcer and let him share the microphone with you. All our Announcers will be willing to take you under and show you the ropes and give you tips and tricks at pursuing your dream at becoming a professional bull riding announcer. Unfortunately we have to limit this to one Jr. Announcer to an event. 

  • Jr. Funny Man

    • This program is for the practical joker in the group. We at NGBR feel this is a dying art in the sport. and we would like to bring it back. Being a good funny man or entertainer isn't about just telling funny jokes all the time . it takes practice and lot of preparation to dial in acts and put together skits to keep the crowd entertained in the slow moments of show. This division will aid in giving that youth interested in becoming a Funny man a confident start to Show case their talents and gain the knowledge they need chase their dreams.​​


             "Our mission is to engage youth in the sport of bull riding and develop life skills to succeed in rodeo and beyond."

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